Group Project layouts part 2 + prop~

Finally. FINALLY, I’m confident with perspective.

A few Gouache paintings I did this month leading up to Christmas, all gifts!
Merry Christmas folks! & If you don’t celebrate, hope you’re having a nice chill holiday break. Peace and Joy to everyone!

Working on Layout for my group project at the mo


Six talented artists from the world of Feature Animation have gotten together to create an anthology of personal work

I don’t normally do posts aside from my own work but this kick starter is 16.k away from their last stretch goal with just 5 days left! All of them are super talented and people I am inspired by in the Animation Industry.

If you follow Mingjue Helen Chen, Lorelay Bove, Victoria Ying, Brittney Lee, Claire Keane, or Lisa Keene, you should consider putting this on your shelf or giving as a gift :) Probably one of the only times we will ever see their work in one place!

Never have I been so excited for an art book as I have this one… So excited I’M ACTUALLY REBLOGGING… they’re so close to the final stretch goal! And that final goal has a killer reward- a whole extra art sketchbook! All for a pledge of $25 (+$25 shipping outside of the US) Guys if you haven’t already, please check it out!

Back it! Reblog this post and share it with your artist friends, I would love to see these lovely inspiring ladies reach the final stretch. This book is going to be beautiful…

There needed to be more Garnet on my tumblr <3

There needed to be more Garnet on my tumblr <3

Drew some folks in my year at uni!
(and moi)

Drew some folks in my year at uni!

(and moi)

Going back to my mentorship project. Surgery and starting my second year of uni set me back loads so I’m still working on it!

Took my greyscale thumbnail to colour.

megs-sketchbook asked:
"Domareen, it has been so fun to watch you improve over the last year. I have a question for you! I'm currently not at an art school and I have taught myself almost everything I know thanks to the people who put up tutorials and those who make art of books. Anyway...what would you say are the most crucial things that an artist can do on a daily basis to improve their painting? What are the first things that you think about when you are designing a prop, character, or environment? Thanks! :)"

Hey Meg :D Thanks a bunch! I can totally relate about the whole self taught situation, I mean aside the Motivarti mentorship, it’s still one loooong ongoing journey of self teaching haha. I could say that most crucially, every artist should DRAW FROM LIFE AND DRAW EVERYDAY. JUST PRACTICE NONE STOP. Okay so that is true… Somewhat! More recently and especially through my mentorship, I found that wasn’t the case AT ALL. From personal experience, I found myself improving the most by mixing theory and research with all of that practice and getting a full understanding of how things work, rather than just painting based on what my mind preconceptually believes everything should look like? (Wow this is hard to explain haha)

OK for instance, You’re going to paint a cow in a field, with a clear sky, So my brain immediately goes.. “OK That’s green for the grass, erm, blue for the sky aaaand black and white for the cow! But then I stop and think.. “NO MIND there is more to this! Much more! Bad habit…” So at this stage I’d probably Google some picture of a cow in a green field with the clear sky. And I’ll stare and stare and “oh what’s this? this cow is actually sort of murky grey and black? And Is that some green fur on it’s stomach? Why… WHY IS THAT GREEN? Ah… It’s reflecting the grass underneath…” And I’ll do this for a while, with many aspects, the shape the lighting the colours and so on… I’ll just look and completely DECONSTRUCT a picture or what I see in front of me as much as I can and try to figure out why things are the way they are, if it’s a piece of art, I’ll try and figure out the artist’s thought process and how they view the world.

So I think the more you understand about the world through your means, the better you can be at painting or drawing, because your mind has it sussed, all that primary knowledge you learn yourself is at hand and you can apply it to all of your art, be it observational, research or design…

Just understanding the littlest of things can go an incredibly long way in anything you create! And with designing? All this information is just swimming around in my head! So now all that knowledge I’ve absorbed, I can throw into a piece of art or a design! And I get to bend the rules and have fun with it.

isabelleepp asked:
"hey I'm learning digital art by myself and you are my inspiration :) I was just wondering if you could explain what concept art is as you said in your latest post, thanks :)"

Thank you! Oh gosh what a question haha. To me concept art, or what I prefer to call visual development, is designing, developing and creating visuals for stories and ideas. It can be story telling itself in a whole new medium! You’re developing and refining designs A LOT. You’re putting yourself into the characters shoes or throwing yourself into the environment and constantly asking yourself when you design anything- why, how, where, what? Why does this character have a crooked nose? Why does this character have a slouch? What colours would i use to achieve this certain mood/armosphere? Where does the sun rise in this piece? ? Aaand so on… It’s about creating worlds and characters people can easily connect to the story, designs that make sense. I’m sure there’s a lot more that can be said about concept art, but darn this is all I can pull off the top of my head and I’m getting dizzy from typing on the bus haha, best of wishes in your artistic endeavours!

I’m doing this group project at uni, it’s gonna be a 3D animation and it has truly made me realise you need concept art for EVERYTHING… Set dressing will be the death of me.

More uni group work!

Excuse me whilst I go raid the fruit basket in my kitchen now..

About time I did an FAQ?

My inbox right now is like a shaken can of coke and I’m afraid to open it… I have quite a few questions to answer and I’m mega sorry I don’t keep up with them that well! I’m so incredibly busy with uni and personal work. A lot of these questions I’ve already answered though so I’ll be putting together an FAQ for general questions sometime soon! I’ll also try n’ answer as many of the questions in my inbox in a bulk future post and personally.

So yeah these questions, they can be personal kind of background questions as well as art related questions. Answer to this or you can inbox me and I’ll create an FAQ/about page So basically guys…

is there anything you would like to ask me?