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"Hey, I'm in love with your stuff! I have a couple of questions: What are you studying at university is it a honours degree or masters? How long does it take you to do your digital drawings? and what software do you use to do them and your latest little gif animation? YOU ARE SO TALENTED! Any advice for a budding artist too? :( I wish I could do what you do! x"

Awh thank you so much for this lovely message! These honestly make my day <3 Currently I’m a first year BaHons character animation student, started in September! Usually it takes me around 1-3 hours to do a regular piece of environmental work but you know it depends on how focused I am- and I am one distracted person haha.. But when I first started out drawing, it could have taken me up to 12-16 hours! With time and practice I just generally sped up, learnt lots of shortcuts to do things and came up with a process that works best for me (: I use Photoshop cs4 for my digital stuff and ToonBoom animate pro 2 for animation

hmm arty advice… I guess when I was starting out as an artist I was a little lost, had no good direction? Didn’t until the last couple years when I really knuckled down, opened my eyes and started to research stuff I loved! I mean sure, I loved to look at art, admire it and be super inspired, but I never really looked at pieces and styles I loved and thought.. “why is this piece so appealing? is it the textures? the brushes, style? How did they do this?” Etc… Absorb as much as you can! look at lots of different work, reference lots of things, see what makes them tick and try them out for yourself to build up your own style and process! But never forget the fundamentals like figure drawing and life drawing because you’ll find that you refine your skills a lot quicker and more effectively when you understand how life works too I guess! (:

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