Forgot to mention on here yesterday…


I applied to be a Motivarti spring 2013 mentee and huzzah, I got a mentorship! I’m absolutely over the moon and this fantastic chap is going to be my mentor! Link I have a million questions to ask haha

One small step closer to my dreams! I WILL leave this smoggy barren countryside and skip over the pond someday Britain you watch me.

And sorry for repeating myself to my twitter followers/fb friends but damn I’m happy!

  1. emininak said: whoa, congrats!
  2. helloheath-art said: i have never heard of this site before, but it looks like it hasnt had any recent postings this month. is it still active?
  3. whimsicalbeast said: Congratulations! Have fun with it!
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    Because Domareen is a super human I swear to god
  5. pixiepunch said: I wanted to apply but totally didn’t have the money. I’m so happy you got a mentor! Congrats!
  6. sabinaheysabina said: Hi there! That Motivarti program seems really interesting! I hope you keep us followers updated on how it goes. :)
  7. digitalarcadia said: Congrats! Sounds like it’ll be quite the experience!
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